Important! Participants without support: if your invitation email stated that you are not offered support then you are expected to make your own hotel reservation. Besides Blackwell Inn which is on-campus, many hotels near campus do offer shuttle transportation to campus, please choose such an option.

Reimbursement Requests

Your reimbursement request should contain all relevant receipts and documentation as well as the following completed forms (click on links to download PDF file):

#2 OSUW9.pdf406.27 KB
#3 W8BEN.pdf50.08 KB

The request is to be sent in the pre-addressed envelope to Marilyn Radcliff (MA 110) at

Marilyn Radcliff (MA 110), YMC
Department of Mathematics
The Ohio State University
231 West 18th Avenue Columbus, OH 43210

All reimbursement requests must be received within seven days after of the end of the conference. If you expect not to be able to submit your reimbursement material by this time please contact the organizers ASAP. Allow about 8 weeks after the deadline for the reimbursement request to be processed.

Hotel Rooms

For presenting students and their mentors, hotel rooms will be automatically paid for by the Mathematics Department. Since you will not pay for you rooms there is also no reimbursement for lodging expenses.

If invited students or mentors require different lodging arrangements and plan to seek (partial) reimbursement, they must contact the organizers before the conference for approval.

Funding Cap

The maximal amount of travel reimbursements per person is $400 (excluding lodging). If you expect not to be able to keep your travel expenses below this amount please contact an organizer before the conference so that we can negotiate further funding.


Plane tickets should be with US carriers, in coach class, and as inexpensive as reasonably possible. Flight itineraries must start at or near your home address and end at an airport in or near Columbus. Connecting flights during the same days of travel are acceptable. In fact, we expected most flights to be connecting as these are usually the cheaper options. However, multiple leg/point flights and/or itineraries with interruptions of a day or more are not reimbursed without prior approval. Particularly, this includes itineraries in which the destination of your return trip is different from where you started out on your trip into Columbus.

If you have circumstances that require such indirect itineraries please

  1. Contact the organizers before the conference for approval, and
  2. Fill in form #6 and provide supporting documents: Airfare cost comparison has to be done at the same time of buying the ticket (printed copy of the comparison fare should be attached).

You need to provide a copy of the receipt of your plane ticket for reimbursement. Print outs of receipts of electronically booked flights are acceptable. Boarding stubs are not needed as documentation. Note: when you reserve online a print-out of just an itinerary is not acceptable. You must print out titled receipt proving actual purchase of ticket.

Private Car

Travel by car is reimbursed at 54.5 cents per mile traveled. We reimburse only the distances between your home address and Columbus. Note: The distance traveled also includes your return trip. That means, if your home is 100 miles from Columbus, you will be able to claim $109. Note, we do not reimburse fuel costs. To receive reimbursement you must provide:

  • Printed mileage from Google maps from your home address to OSU (printed google maps showing the all addresses, giving the number of miles is not sufficient).
  • A printed airfare cost from Travelocity, Expedia, etc. showing the cost of the ticket had you flown. The dates should be the same as the driving dates. If flying is cheaper, the traveler will be reimbursed for the cost of airfare instead of mileage unless there are other passengers in the vehicle who also attending the conference.

Other parking expenses will require justifications and documentations. Overnight stays during car travel will usually not be reimbursed. If you have special circumstances that require overnight stays please contact the organizers before the conference.

Rental Car

You must get approval from the organizers before the conference in order to have the costs for a rental car reimbursed. Upon approval we reimburse the costs of rental fees and gasoline for which there is documentation. We do not reimburse insurance costs.


The conference will provide (free of charge) dinner banquets Friday night, breakfast Saturday and Sunday morning, as well as lunch on Saturday (and possibly Sunday) for invited participants. 

Cost and Receipt Sharing

If you plan to split one cost item (e.g., car travel) between several participants please indicate this clearly on your reimbursement request. The reimbursement request of each participant sharing a cost should contain: A copy of the receipt/documentation for the shared cost for each participant. A separate sheet of paper for each participant that explains who the cost is shared with and what the share of the respective participant is. Similarly, if the same receipt is used for several participants (e.g., multiple plane ticket bookings) each participant has to include a copy of the receipt in the reimbursement request, explain who else is on the receipt, and everyone's share of the receipt.