The Young Mathematicians Conference (YMC) is a premier annual conference for undergraduate research in mathematics. Accepted students (typically around 65) are invited with support to the conference during a weekend at the Department of Mathematics of the Ohio State University.


Highlights of every conference are three plenary lectures by highly accomplished researchers and educators. These talks introduce students to advanced, innovative, and exciting topics in mathematics. Speakers in the past included recipients of the Fields Medal, the MacArthur and Sloan Fellowships, Pólya and Nevanlinna Prizes, as well as of the Haimo, Chauvenet, and Allendoerfer Awards for excellence in exposition and teaching.

In addition to student and plenary presenters, the YMC has much to offer future mathematicians. The YMC includes a Graduate School Orientation event in which representatives from various PhD programs from around the country provide information and insights about a graduate career in mathematics. Moreover, the YMC presents a venue for young mathematicians to collaborate, and share ideas. Finally, the YMC regularly invites faculty mentors of undergraduate research projects. Besides chairing sessions and accompanying mentees, they exchange their experiences during the traditional mentor breakfast as well as other social occasions.

The Young Mathematicians Conference series started in the summer of 2003 and, until 2006, was supported by the NSF/VIGRE grant awarded to the Department of Mathematics (DMS-0135308 2002-2007). YMC 2007 was supported by its own NSF grant DMS-0732622. YMC 2009-2012 were supported by the three year NSF grant DMS-0841054. YMC 2013-2015 were supported by the three year NSF grant DMS-1252904. The YMC is currently supprorted by NSF grant DMS-1550117. Additional funds are provided by the MRI at the Ohio State Mathematics Department, as well as private donations (DWME).

Previous YMCs

Plenary Speakers:

Plenary Speakers:

Plenary Speakers:

  • Sarah Koch (University of Michigan)
  • Alex Kontorovich (Rutgers University)
  • Ezra Miller (Duke University)
Plenary Speakers:
Plenary Speakers:


Plenary Speakers:


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Dennis DeTurck
Robert Devaney
Carolyn Gordon 
Aloysius Helminck 
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Roman Holowinsky 
Thomas Kerler 
Bryna Kra
Donal O’Shea
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